Aliens and Races Blog Carnival

RPGBlogCarnivalLogocopyThis month’s RPGBA Blog Carnival is on the subject of Aliens and Races, hosted by Johnn of Roleplaying Tips. It’s a good opportunity for me to work on the races of Colonial Space, both past and present.

The to do list for this month looks like so:

  • Humans, Endari, Thurin and Mineons are the four species that escaped the destruction of their homeworld, Enderra, and settled in this region of space.
  • Ancients: The Builders, a culture that developed STL star travel, and five other species that never left their own systems before becoming extinct.
  • Avians and Insects, two modern races native to Colonial Space.
  • The Rakh.

I’ve done preliminary work on most of these, and on a few others… We’ll see how far I get.


3 thoughts on “Aliens and Races Blog Carnival”

  1. Yeah, why not? I don’t do it a lot myself but if the topic is one I want to work on anyway, I find that it helps me to actually post.

  2. There is no time for me to enter this. I have a post 90% done but it needs cleaning up. Then there is a lot of work with the 76 patrons contest.

    I’ll post it after x-mas.

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