Assorted Source Articles

More source articles that might come in handy:

  • Discovery of a rogue planet – somewhat older article about the discovery of a brown dwarf 100ly from Earth. Not really a planet, but if there’s one then there are many and this means if we need a way station somewhere that isn’t a full planetary system – we can put one where we want it.
  • As part of the Rosetta coverage, BBC posts that comets are surprisingly (to laymen like me, anyway) black rather than the shiny gray or even white one usually imagines them to be.
  • Discovery of a “Lava World”
  • Ocean living – for your water world colonies
  • This article on super-habitable worlds has some good info on what makes a planet habitable – and tackles something people never really consider; could there be a more habitable planet than Earth, and if so, what might it be like?

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