August Asides

Rosetta has gone into orbit around 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Some awesome photos have been published already. When you play (read about/work on) a space opera setting such as Contact Light or the original Traveller, it is easy to forget how barren and hostile the universe really is.

In other news, the August issue of Freelance Traveller is out and focuses on Psionics. A shame I did not know this before, as I could have easily worked on that subject. Ah well.

Last but not least, American engineers have created a sheet of plastic that mimics the, err, mimicry of the octopus. It consists of small – 1×1 mm – cells that can change color. There have been other attempts to create an “invisibility cloak” – some that look much more like what we saw in Ghost in the shell, like this example – but I have a feeling this octopus-plastic is going to get adopted to serious uses in a reasonable timespan. In the Contact Light universe, I will assume that high tech combat vehicles will use this instead of painted-on camouflage patterns, one TL higher the sheets and the software that control them become good enough to be used for personal armor, and yet another TL higher it’ll be used for fashion items.


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