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Hi there. Welcome to Yet Another Blog™.

As some of you are aware (considering the likely distribution as I write this… most?) I am working on a science fiction setting. I am trying to do things in a more or less systematic way so as to end up with a constructed universe that is both manageable for myself and my audience, and elegant in a way that doesn’t break suspension of disbelief too badly.

After some considerations I have found a set of assumptions and parameters that works well for me, and I found that these are a very good match for an old favorite, Marc W. Miller’s Traveller. This is hardly surprising, considering that I grew up on a diet of science fiction not unlike the mix that Miller used as the basis for Traveller.

However, the setting I have in mind is not a Third Imperium Traveller universe, and I can’t – and do not want to – just use Traveller material. Instead, Traveller will serve as the system that will guide the creation of my science fiction setting. Nothing more, and nothing less. I expect that this system will itself get modified and shaped in the process – because that’s what I enjoy.

Limited Scope

This blog will document the process of creating my science-fiction universe. It will focus on technical aspects, on world-building and on process-, system- and game design. Actual content will be posted elsewhere – I will announce it in time.

Why separate blogs?

I normally post my world-building material over at Enderra.  However, I am unhappy with the wild mix of stuff that is in that blog. It lacks focus. Instead of adding to the chaos, I decided to just branch out for this particular purpose. Call it an experiment.