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Subsector Trial Run 1

Now that we’ve looked at all characteristics, it’s time to roll up an entire subsector – my first “real” trial run! I’ve modified the subsector map script so that it handles the slightly non-standard UWPs I am producing.

I’ve also generated trade code classifications as per the Mongoose Traveller rules.

This is the data I came up with:

Cold        0103 D3A6330-9 Fl
Temperate   0109 EB9A872-7 Wa
Temperate   0110 C574778-9 Ag
Temperate   0204 X879155-3 Lo Lt
Temperate   0301 C310789-A Na
Cold        0302 E300434-6 NI Va
Hot         0303 X8B4000-0 Ba Fl
Temperate   0307 BAA2778-C Fl Ht
Hot         0309 C6307A9-A De Na Po
Hot         0310 D7A79D8-2 Fl Hi Lt
Hot         0402 X8B5444-3 Fl Lt NI
Hot         0407 ECB6527-3 Fl Lt NI
Cold        0502 E764468-6 NI
Hot         0503 D697357-8
Special     0603 CDEA740-A Fl Wa
Searing     0605 X100000-0 Ba Va
Temperate   0608 XA626B8-2 Lt NI Ri
Cold        0702 E100347-8 Va
Frozen      0704 EBB6231-8 Fl Lo
Temperate   0705 X830116-3 De Lo Lt Po
Special     0706 XCE6131-2 Fl Lo Lt
Searing     0707 X7B4100-1 Fl Lo Lt
Roasting    0708 CA88756-5 Ag Ga Lt Ri
Temperate   0805 E566750-6 Ag Ri
Temperate   0807 D886412-2 Lt NI
Hot         0810 XB86113-0 Lo Lt

Looking at this data, I may have to change my world generation process a little.

  1. I think I definitely did overcompensate on the world size. There are too many big worlds in the mix now, and it’s hard to get asteroid mainworlds at all. In my 10k worlds trial run, a mere 50 main world asteroid systems exist. I wanted to make them more rare, not eliminate them.
  2. TLs are definitely on the low side. Out of the 26 worlds, 14 worlds have a tech level of under 7. Two worlds are not inhabited at all. #307 has a TL of 12; #301, #309, and #603 have a TL of 10.
  3. Too many population 1 worlds, 10-99 people. These are really hard to explain if they have a low tech level. I probably do need to enforce a “minimum tech level based on environment” – Worlds #707 and #706 for example seem silly.
  4. Otherwise population seems Okay-ish. Primitive societies also seem to have very low population numbers (stone age population of Europe, for example, is estimated between 4000 – 30000 individuals) but some of the values generated are a bit odd.

Now that I can easily create large sets of worlds/systems, I can tweak some of the rolls and constants and see what comes out of it.

Things to try:

  • World size: Larger negative DM to world size. Perhaps make it -4 or -5 instead of -3.
  • Tech level: A large positive DM comes from starport class, and a low population world can’t have a high-class starport.  Since population 1 are almost certainly not natives, they ought to have a much higher TL. Current DM is only +1, and at the same they will be penalized for a bad starport class since that is now dependant on population; it may make sense to be radical about it. Ignore star port TL modifier for low population worlds and even add a +7 or so instead. Population 2 is probably the same. Population 3 can easily be a viable stone age civilization.

Overall, though, I think we’re on the right track.

Update: After writing this, I discovered that my world generation script evaluated the Lo and Ga trade codes incorrectly. It’s fixed for the future…

Subsector Trial Run 0

Here’s the data I rolled up for a sample subsector. I’ve set the world name to the temperature range. I used 5 or less for the system probability, just so it’s not too empty. Government, Law, TL, Starport and trade classifications are still missing.

Cold        0102 887600-0
Temperate   0106 7a1800-0
Temperate   0107 564800-0
Hot         0109 400500-0
Cold        0210 7a2500-0
Temperate   0201 621900-0
Frozen      0203 ba6000-0
Temperate   0205 ab9900-0
Cold        0209 9c4200-0
Roasting    0306 a99500-0
Special     0401 ce7200-0
Temperate   0403 785700-0
Temperate   0405 779700-0
Special     0409 bf7200-0
Hot         0501 545400-0
Special     0610 cf4000-0
Roasting    0603 7a6700-0
Special     0604 8d6400-0
Frozen      0607 400000-0
Hot         0710 899100-0
Searing     0709 bc6100-0
Special     0801 8da700-0
Temperate   0803 874100-0
Frozen      0808 8b0400-0
Temperate   0809 673500-0

Using Alex Schröder’s Subsector map program shows us this layout (the colored markings are my addition, see below):



I know this is hardly statistically significant data, but still:

  • All worlds are fairly sizable. There are two main worlds of size 4, one of size 5.
  • Large size means weird atmospheres, hence the “special” temperatures.
  • Almost all worlds are inhabited; Worlds in hexes 203, 610 and 607 are uninhabited.
  • Highest pop is 9 (“billions”) on worlds 201 and 205. 201 is a medium sized world with a thin atmosphere and little water. 205 a high-gravity 90% water world with a corrosive atmosphere, so they must have rolled 12 for population.
  • Two worlds have a population of 8 (“hundreds of millions”), and four have a population of 7 (“tens of million”). Total subsector population is thus <20 billion people. By chance, they are all clustered in the upper section of the map (see blue markings on the map, above) which gives us a nice division – this is obviously a frontier subsector with a few older, more mature colonies… works for me.

I wonder if I over-compensated on world size, but it seems like a reasonable mix of worlds to me.