Creating Local Space (2)

Today I decided to put one and one together, so to speak: Apply the theory I build up in the world building posts to the creation of our little nook of local space. Let’s call this our third trial run, that is, I may or may not keep the results.

For subsectors that had a split system probability, I rolled two subsectors each and then “masked” them manually. This was by far easier than to attempt to teach the script which hexes had what probability… However, for the lower-right corner two subsectors I got tired of this and just rolled 4- for the entire subsector. It will do.

Without much fuss, here is the sector map:


Click on it for the full-sized image. I kept my sketch as a translucent overlay.

The sector ended up having 213 worlds, slightly short of the 236 I had estimated. Tech level distribution is heavily stacked towards the low end:


World types are fairly well spread, though I stupidly removed my Se/Sm classes again:


I’ve made the sector data the sample data for the hacked svg sector map script, if you want to look at or play with the raw data.

As for the results themselves, there are good and bad things.


  • Decent mix of world types
  • Fewer worlds than my draft sector (smaller is better)
  • Highest “regular” tech level is 13 (C), on 9 worlds.


  • The ten high tech worlds are all fairly low population (2×8, 1×9). The 15 High Pop worlds are 9×9, 5xA and 1xB, or between 159 and 1231 billion people, give or take a few. This isn’t necessarily a contradiction; neither China nor India have the highest tech on Earth.


  • The sector almost seems TOO sparse considering it is supposed to host the main interstellar nation in the region – even IF it is a frontier region
  • Distinction between “sparse” and more “dense” star region absolutely not visible based on sheer system presence.

Open questions:

  1. Does the setting work with so few TL10-13 worlds?
  2. Is the sector as-is viable for the sort of setting I have in mind?
  3. Is it, and this may sound silly, aesthetically pleasing?
  4. Is it a “good sector” for adventure?

There are probably more… we’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Creating Local Space (2)”

  1. Okay, so I used the mapper program you have on this website, and it never gives me data. I have it in the format you have set up. Any ideas? I can email you the sector data, let me know and thanks in advance!

    1. Sure, use the contact form (link in the top). A few lines should be enough if they’re all formatted the same way.

      It should work if you use the same format as the sample data in – the only difference is that the script doesn’t expect the equal sign after HI. So it should be HI8 instead of HI=8. Not sure why I changed that. But anyway, that would just mean the green circles don’t show, the rest of the map should generate anyway.

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