Enderran Religion

Back in the distant past, the Gods walked Enderra. They, and their servants and avatars, took an active role in mortal affairs and fought each other over power and prestige. There are many myths and even “historical” records that describe such events, the most recent of which dating to about 900 OR. Historians dismiss these reports as mere myths, and even theologians admit that there is absolutely no way to verify such stories one way or another. The homeworld was destroyed long ago, and there is no doubt that the Gods – if they ever existed – have completely withdrawn from the physical universe. Clerics call the current situation the “great crisis of doubt”, a test devised by the gods to determine the loyalty of the faithful.

The original Enderran religion, a polytheistic belief whose gods are collectively simply called “The Pantheon”, recognized 27 deities of various power and importance that split responsibility of different aspects of the world between them. There was a god of winter, a god of the sun, a goddess of agriculture, and so on. The temples of some deities lost much of their influence as Enderran society became more technologically advanced. Other temples gained in power. For example, Helion is the patron deity of the Empire; the power this brought to his clerics is obvious. The Republic is officially a secular state, with severe restrictions designed to keep religion and government separate.

Since there is no objective way to tell if anything like a god really exist, atheism, agnosticism and many “alternative” cults and religions have developed over the past centuries. Atheism in particular is thought to have been a new development post-exodus, and some fringe scientists cite this as the best evidence that Gods might indeed have existed once.

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