Evolution of the Imperial Flag

I sometimes wonder why I am not making more progress. But then, if I look at the time I spend on some things, it becomes clear. Case in point – flags. I put a lot of importance on them, and their symbolism and their effect on the (real-world) audience is taken into account.

The Imperial flag started out as an emblem several years ago, when my setting was still very different:


Even back then, I created various versions. Some samples:


As I began working on the current iteration, I decided to switch the Imperial color from red to blue. I went through many iterations:

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Until I finally decided on one design. As a last step, I changed the color to a slightly darker blue, to make the central sun stand out better, and the end result is:


All through the process, my friends Realmwright and Fester provided valuable feedback. Thanks guys! 🙂

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