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I am still around.

Hex Map with Freeform System Placement
Hex Map with Freeform System Placement

I think hexes, while very much in the spirit of OSR/OT, just don’t work for me.

Nautalistic Map with fake (faded) star background
Nautalistic Map with fake (faded) star background

This map assumes a limited z axis (+/-10ly). Light gray “fake” systems are thrown in to make the map less barren. Works much better in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “Experimental Map Styles”

  1. I had been playing around with 5x5x5 parsec cubic sub-sectors, represented by 5 stacked isometric planes. The stars were all centered within the gridlines, so placement wasn’t exactly organic, but it made distance calculation easy. I figured full sectors would consist of a 3x3x3 grid of sub-sectors, which is a pretty good sized chunk of space to play with. I do like the look of your Nautalistic map, though.

    1. I considered a 3d Hexgrid. But in the end, I just can’t suspend disbelief in a hexmap with neatly aligned systems anymore. The map with hexes was an attempt at a compromise, but I think ultimately it just looks… messy. My opinion only. Hexmaps are very convenient, as you say.

  2. Hey Nils! I was working on a similar mapping project, if you’re interested, I wrote a program that reads coordinates to produce a starmap reasonably similar to your nautalistic map. It’s no small task keeping all the data on a map readable and useful so I feel your pain!

    Setting the program up is not trivial, but if you’re interested I could share what I have.

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