New System Generation, WIP #1

Reports of my death have been vastly exaggerated, for now.

And not only that, I’ve picked up the torch of Sci Fi world-building again. Thanks to Emmett‘s comment, I ditched my old, ugly world generation scripts written in shell and awk (really, what was I thinking). I always wanted to learn Python anyway.

So far, my script does some basic generation work. The beauty here is that it not only reliably produces data using supplied random seeds, I also set this up in an object oriented fashion. That is, this is wholly modular and I might end up with an entire universe generator in one piece of software.

Anyway, here’s some sample output:

And yes, it’s called because I started with “Hello World” and then just kept adding pieces. I guess this is about 2h of work so far.

Update: It now creates basic SVG maps, too:

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