Size Matters, and Subsector Trial Run 2

The conclusion of the first trial run was that worlds were too big, the change I made was too drastic. So I sat down and did a few more 10k runs. This is a graph of the relevant world types – I consider something like “rich” to be too poorly defined to begin with.

Note that I added “Se” (Super-Earth, size 10+) and “Sm” (Small, size 2-) for this exercise.


I hope it’s not too small to read. Anyway, the graph shows 3d6-3, 3d6-4 and 3d6-5 compared to 2d6-2 when rolling for world size.

Obviously Super-Earths dramatically decrease and small worlds increase during that sequence. Fluid Ocean worlds are also directly tied to large worlds, and Vacuum worlds to small worlds.

3d6-5 would result in more asteroids than 2d6-2. Again, a no-brainer, but since I wanted to reduce smaller worlds not increase them, this seems like a poor fit solely on this criteria.

3d6-4 seems like a good compromise choice for my purpose based on this graph, so I’ll use that.

Tech Level

I haven’t really been able to make TL behave nicer, and I didn’t want to add a lot of filters. I can still do that in the future, but I have another plan.

Trial Run 2 Subsector


Many garden worlds in this one. I like how there again seems to be a cluster – marked by red communications links – of “developed” worlds contrasting with the “frontier” of the rest of the sector.

World Data:

Cold        0101 C941775-8 Po
Hot         0109 C787545-5 Ag Ga Lt NI
Temperate   0110 EA75652-6 Ag Ga NI
Special     0202 XAD5423-2 Fl Lt NI
Cold        0205 X410000-0 Ba
Temperate   0210 X410000-0 Ba
Temperate   0304 X967543-1 Ag Ga Lt NI
Cold        0308 B754431-6 Ga NI
Cold        0403 ECA6373-6 Fl Lo
Temperate   0405 X893224-3 Lo Lt
Special     0410 XBE4315-0 Fl Lo Lt
Hot         0501 EB86000-0 Ba Ga
Temperate   0506 C553442-5 Lt NI Po
Cold        0508 D567523-4 Ag Ga Lt NI
Cold        0510 X4A4465-1 Fl Lt NI
Cold        0601 X510467-4 Lt NI
Roasting    0606 CAC1775-7 Fl
Temperate   0608 B653965-9 Hi Po
Temperate   0703 E986242-4 Ga Lo Lt
Temperate   0705 B8529A9-9 Hi Po
Special     0802 EDD3341-4 Fl Lo Lt
Hot         0803 X9C7340-2 Fl Lo Lt
Temperate   0805 D7489B9-5 Ga Hi In Lt
Temperate   0808 A568BA8-A Ga Hi
Temperate   0809 B684475-B Ga NI

World #808 has a population of B, “hundreds of billions” and  must be the undisputed superpower of this subsector. Tech Level is again generally fairly low, considering I was aiming for a nominal 13 on “core” worlds, but it is a fairly decent mix if one looks at it as a pure Traveller-like premise.

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