Subsector Trial Run 0

Here’s the data I rolled up for a sample subsector. I’ve set the world name to the temperature range. I used 5 or less for the system probability, just so it’s not too empty. Government, Law, TL, Starport and trade classifications are still missing.

Cold        0102 887600-0
Temperate   0106 7a1800-0
Temperate   0107 564800-0
Hot         0109 400500-0
Cold        0210 7a2500-0
Temperate   0201 621900-0
Frozen      0203 ba6000-0
Temperate   0205 ab9900-0
Cold        0209 9c4200-0
Roasting    0306 a99500-0
Special     0401 ce7200-0
Temperate   0403 785700-0
Temperate   0405 779700-0
Special     0409 bf7200-0
Hot         0501 545400-0
Special     0610 cf4000-0
Roasting    0603 7a6700-0
Special     0604 8d6400-0
Frozen      0607 400000-0
Hot         0710 899100-0
Searing     0709 bc6100-0
Special     0801 8da700-0
Temperate   0803 874100-0
Frozen      0808 8b0400-0
Temperate   0809 673500-0

Using Alex Schröder’s Subsector map program shows us this layout (the colored markings are my addition, see below):



I know this is hardly statistically significant data, but still:

  • All worlds are fairly sizable. There are two main worlds of size 4, one of size 5.
  • Large size means weird atmospheres, hence the “special” temperatures.
  • Almost all worlds are inhabited; Worlds in hexes 203, 610 and 607 are uninhabited.
  • Highest pop is 9 (“billions”) on worlds 201 and 205. 201 is a medium sized world with a thin atmosphere and little water. 205 a high-gravity 90% water world with a corrosive atmosphere, so they must have rolled 12 for population.
  • Two worlds have a population of 8 (“hundreds of millions”), and four have a population of 7 (“tens of million”). Total subsector population is thus <20 billion people. By chance, they are all clustered in the upper section of the map (see blue markings on the map, above) which gives us a nice division – this is obviously a frontier subsector with a few older, more mature colonies… works for me.

I wonder if I over-compensated on world size, but it seems like a reasonable mix of worlds to me.

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