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Wild Planets

Planets can be quite strange. We just learned that massive planets can have solid surfaces. That’s not the only weird world that is out there.

Cracked.com has a list of 6 Planets that put Sci Fi to shame. It’s an older article but it’ll still serve as source material.

  • Gliese 436 b: “Coated in burning ice”
  • WASP-12b: “Slowly getting eaten”
  • HD 69830c: “Puts Our Night Sky to shame”
  • PSR B1257+12b: “Orbits a Massive Strobe Light”
  • Titan: “Covered in ‘fossil’ fuels”
  • Gliese 581c “Hellish Landscape with black plants and red sky

Astrobites responded with a list of 6 Plantes that put Sci Fi and Cracked.com to shame.

  • GJ1214b: “Planet is a big ball of steam”
  • Kepler-16b: “Has two suns”
  • Kepler-11: “Has six planets inside the orbit of Venus”
  • HD80606b: “Skims its sun”
  • 1SWAP J140747.93-394542.6: “Ring system puts Saturn to shame” (lots of shaming going on)
  • There may be many planets that have no stars at all
  • COROT-7b: “It rains rocks”

It’s probably impossible to account for all this weirdness with an RNG based system, at least one that remains manageable. However, the take-away is that even after decades of finding real exo-planets, we can still get away with designing really odd outlier worlds for our science fiction heroes.